Thursday, 27 October 2011

And then some....

We have been waiting with anticipated breath and finally we have the bottles. We shall be going to an undisclosed location to see whether we can get help in getting this product to market. Market I mean = Master Chef Live Show at the Olympia from the 11-13th of November.

Well since our last post we have been very busy:

1) Recipes have been devised for other juices.

2) Bottles have been made and it has been distributed to friends to see what they think of the flavour (all positive, which is brilliant)

3) Finally getting the marketing right and trying to get this for our official launch at the Masterchef Show.

4) Working with the design team to have some kit ready for the show.

5) Getting on with logistics

6) Trying to shape a website so that people can order through that...

It has been a very fast process but we are loving the appreciation of a creation by many people. We ask for a little more patience and then finally we will be able to deliver and supply the many who have asked about us....

One of our Ethos is to help local producers and we are in the process of doing will be the icing on the cake once the deal is done.....

So watch this space......another update soon.....

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bottles, Bottles everywhere

Hello All

We have finally managed to put our lovely drinks in a bottle and also made labels.

Now the bottles look awesome and the writing is a bit new - so we will get there.

I am showing you a sample of what the bottle looks like ( now for those of you who think that there is no delicious lassi in the bottles, you are very clever) - however my next post will contain the delicious lassi in a bottle and I shall give you a rundown of what happened at the Essex Food Show.

Cheers for now

Klassi Team