Thursday, 27 October 2011

And then some....

We have been waiting with anticipated breath and finally we have the bottles. We shall be going to an undisclosed location to see whether we can get help in getting this product to market. Market I mean = Master Chef Live Show at the Olympia from the 11-13th of November.

Well since our last post we have been very busy:

1) Recipes have been devised for other juices.

2) Bottles have been made and it has been distributed to friends to see what they think of the flavour (all positive, which is brilliant)

3) Finally getting the marketing right and trying to get this for our official launch at the Masterchef Show.

4) Working with the design team to have some kit ready for the show.

5) Getting on with logistics

6) Trying to shape a website so that people can order through that...

It has been a very fast process but we are loving the appreciation of a creation by many people. We ask for a little more patience and then finally we will be able to deliver and supply the many who have asked about us....

One of our Ethos is to help local producers and we are in the process of doing will be the icing on the cake once the deal is done.....

So watch this space......another update soon.....

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bottles, Bottles everywhere

Hello All

We have finally managed to put our lovely drinks in a bottle and also made labels.

Now the bottles look awesome and the writing is a bit new - so we will get there.

I am showing you a sample of what the bottle looks like ( now for those of you who think that there is no delicious lassi in the bottles, you are very clever) - however my next post will contain the delicious lassi in a bottle and I shall give you a rundown of what happened at the Essex Food Show.

Cheers for now

Klassi Team

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Food Fairs comes Klassi!!!!

We have just penned the contracts for the following places:

1) Essex food show  
Saturday 8  and Sunday 9th October, 2011

Cressing Temple. Penny Farthing Fairs, Ridgeway, Maldon Road, Steeple, Essex CM0 7RT


2) Masterchef live @ Olympia

So come and drink our lassi, which is sweet, healthy and a complement to spicy food

Klassi Team

New things

After the hectic weekend, we are sitting and thinking about the next steps. We need to have more consistent and more festivals to exhibit and also more time to sort out the other ways of getting our lassi's noticed. Well I will be gearing up to the Masterchef live exhibition but before that two things stand in my mind:

1) Frozen Yogurt

2) Ice Cream

3) Bottling

Well, after my research, I shall tell you what we want to do...

We are also in the process of booking two festivals in October (2nd and 3rd week) and we shall confirm here....soon....

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Phewwwww.....Bennington Lordship (Monday 29th August)

So many people turned up for the Chillie festival, much more than the same time last year, when we first exhibited. Some history about Benningtons for you:

The Festival contained a chillie eating contest, so it was very fruitful for us as we are the complement, or the anti-dote as I say, to spicy food.

We must say that we did double the amount as last year and it was good to see people tuck into the lassis and gulp them down. We did run out a couple of times and had to re-stock twice to get the lassi out. The lassis were getting out as quickly as it was being produced and we had a very good team behind us making it and selling it.

Once again, we got some rave reviews from our customers and we had many people tell us that we should:
Bottle it
Make it into an ice cream ( so watch this space as we are thinking about a few more areas!!!!) or a frozen yogurt. (am going to a factory to see how this is done!!!)

So lets watch this space and I shall give you an update accordingly.

Pictures will arrive shortly

Klassi Team

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mangoes, Mangoes, everywhere (Bennington Lordship - Sunday 28th August, 2011)

Its early on Monday morning, sitting at 6am, we are reflecting on our day at Bennington Lordship.

Bennington Lordship was the first place were we tried our lassi last year and we have come back to the place were we started. They have an extraordinary chilli festival which is done once a year during the August Bank holiday. The festival has grown rapidly since it started a few years ago with various stalls making food or condiments out of chillies. Here is a crash course on what we do:

What are Lassis?

Popular and traditional Indian Yoghurt drink which can be served Sweet or Salty.

What do we serve:
Fresh Mango Lassi, made with premium quality ingredients.

Our Day @ Benningtons:

The doors were opened at 10am and then it picked up very quickly. Having anticipated the crowds for this year, it was very obvious that there were more people and we did sell our lassis very quickly. We did have a busy period in the afternoon and I had to travel to our local mart to buy up the sold ingredients. Just to say that we did sell twice as much than last year. So 29th August Monday (today) should be interesting.

For the busy period, a huge shout out to our family friends who helped us out. We don't know how we would have survived without you.

We did have a lot of people who have commented on our lassi and the taste. Some say it is like melted ice cream, some say it is similar to smoothies and most just love the taste. We do re-iterate that it is a drink which complements spicy food .

(More pictures coming soon)

So if you see us, give us a way, come to our stall and try the lassi. It is probably the best thing you will do in the Chillie festival.

Klassi Team

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our Company and Objective....

Most people at Wimpole Hall asked us what our company was about. Let me tell you:

Our brand name is Klassi and we sell Mango Lassis at present. We may do other things depending on the uptake. 


Our object is to educate people about Indian food and manufacture and sell fresh and good quality products.

In terms of Lassis, our objective is to educate people about these CLASS drinks. We make our lassis on the spot,  hence the customer can enjoy the fresh and delightful taste of the mangoes.

What we sell:

We sell Mango Lassis. The reason for Mangoes and not plain lassi is because Mangoes are the QUEEN of Fruits. At present, we do not bottle but we may due to the high responses from people sampling our drink..

So why not try it!

So buy our lassis on the stall and tell us what you think. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wimpole Hall - 20th August - Day 2 - Sunday

Wow -We sold more than we did yesterday and thank you to all the crowds. It was pleasant today and the lassi is being marketed well and people know us know.
Surprised to see that a lot of people know about lassi through their travel, their local Indian and their experiments with juices. The response to the name was also a good.

The response we had was fantastic and we had so many people who said that we should bottle it (do vote for it and the more the merrier and we shall do that for you)

We learnt a great deal about Wimpole Hall. I think we need to be a bit more clearer about how we make them, what goes into them and the ideas behind it...

All the Stalls were there to also contribute towards the Greenhous and the Roof @ Wimpole.

Philip and his team and doing a brilliant job over there. He has such great friends and volunteers who do jobs to maintain such vast amounts of land.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wimpole Hall - 20th August - Day 1 - Saturday

WOW - what a day !!! With the first of 2 days finished @ Wimpole Hall, we were amazed.

 Didn't know that they had 3000 acres of land, a fabulous farm with amazing produce, such brilliant volunteers and a fantastic tomato festival.

I really love the National Trust and the people involved in it.

We at Klassi had exhibited the first time for tomato festival and it was brilliant.

Started off with a beautiful day and it ended with a beautiful sunny day. (see Pic Below - my dates seems to be wrong in the photos - should be 19/08/2011)

This is our tent which was set up with LOGOs, and more information on the Lassis.

Here is the close up of our logo and the gazebo along with the Lassi, which I term as "Liquid Gold".

Must say a tremendous THANK YOU to all the customers who bought are drinks, those who complimented on our lassi and thanks to those who gave constructive and collective feedback.

I shall say more about Day 2 tomorrow and am looking forward to an amazing Sunday - come and join us and buy our lassis!! rulz!

Friday, 19 August 2011


Guys and Girls

Finally, we are going to Wimpole Hall. Will be there on Saturday and Sunday.

We have finished our lassi and it will be on sale there. You should come and try it ......Here is a pic to submit to your tastebuds....

Come and say hi and have our lassi. 5 pence of each glass will go to Wimpole Hall roof fund.

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Health benefits of Mangoes

As I am selling a drink which is predominantly mangoes, I thought I would educate you all on the Health Benefits of Mangoes from

The mango has been posthumously given the title ‘king of fruits’, and there are several reasons why, thanks to the slew of benefits that one can get from eating this fruit. While the caveat is that one can only obtain this fruit during the summer, of which about 40 to 60 percent has to be sourced from either Burma or India, the costs will pale in comparison to the benefits that this fruit has to offer.

So here is a list of health benefits of mangoes:

Good eyesight

While one cup of sliced mangoes provides at least 25 percent of Vitamin A that is required on a daily basis, there is no doubt that this contributes to good eye sight. If that’s not enough, mangoes also prevent night blindness, softening of the cornea, dryness of the eyes, itching and burning of the eyes and refractive errors and so on and so forth.


Mangoes have digestive enzymes that help breakdown protein as well as help digestion while also containing enzymes that soothe the stomach by preventing acidity and poor digestion. In addition to this, one can also expect to avoid constipation due to the large amounts of fiber present in mangoes.

Better sex

The Vitamin E in mangoes boosts one’s sex drive by regulating the sex hormones in one’s body.

Boosts memory

Glutamine acid, which is present in adequate quantities in mangoes, is known to be beneficial to children by boosting their memory.

Softer and glowing skin

While eating mangoes keeps your skin soft and glowing, it also has benefits when one applies mango pulp to their skin for at least 10 minutes (before washing it off) to their skin as doing this will relieve the clogged pores of their skin, thus reducing acne that is a common problem.


We are finally preparing for the Wimpole Hall Tomato Festival (as per the link) for the upcoming weekend.

This is the first time we will be exhibiting there and are preparing all the ingredients for the Mango Lassi.

We will be using the Mango 1 Lassi machine at the site which should be a good show.

Come down and see us when you are there and tell us what you think of our Mango Lassi. I shall be posting some photos before and after the event.

Watch this space......

Friday, 29 July 2011

The Machine has arrived

Finally, the machine, referred to as Mango 1 has arrived.

Last year, it was hectic dishing out all those mango lassis. This year it will be a breeze. You can see what I am referring to at our stands

At Last....Lassi will be in Wimpole Hall (20 and 21st August)

We have finally registered our company and are in the process of booking another venue - we have been confirmed for the Tomato Festival at Wimpole Hall for the 3rd week of August -  see the link below: 

Tomato Festival Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 August, 10.30am-5pm

Lovely to be associated with Wimpole hall, which has a tremendous history and we have the ability to raise funds for their roof, which needs repair. The history I refer to is that Rudyard Kipling, an amazing author (Jungle Book, Kim) to name but a few has some of his original and first edition books over there. It was owned by his daughter. So catch us there between the above dates

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Lassi is coming

We are in the process of filtering what venues we would like to target and will be doing this for the next 2 weeks.
The venues we will focus on will be predominantly in England, particularly within the South east.

I shall also post some Lassi pictures for you to see what I have been talking about....

I can confirm that we are in the process of confirming the August Bank holiday spot at - this is were we started last year and they have been so good to us.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wait in anticipation...the lassi is coming

Just to give you all an over-view, we will be getting our branding and banners designed in the next coming months for our mango lassi....

So watch this space for the launch and were and which festivals we will be participating in.

Currently, we are sourcing our ingredients and appliances in various countries to see what is best for us and our consumers....

Watch this lassis, enjoy our fruits of labour....

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mango Lassi - my definition

Well people have always asked what is the definition of Mango Lassi. Well you need to have mangoes in it but the Lassi bit is something special. To be honest, if we can have smoothies then why not lassis.

Lassis come from the North of India and Pakistan. It is a popular drink which is made by blending yogurt with water or milk, and some Indian spices. They are generally enjoyed during the hot weather and it is very refreshing. It gives a satisfaction which is only gotten through soul foods/drinks. It can also be used as a welcome drink for weddings.

Well we are into Lassis and especially Mango lassis. It is so important to source were all the ingredients come from and vitally important that it is prepared with precision to get the taste right. I am passionate about my product and would like all of you to taste it in the coming months.