Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Phewwwww.....Bennington Lordship (Monday 29th August)

So many people turned up for the Chillie festival, much more than the same time last year, when we first exhibited. Some history about Benningtons for you:

The Festival contained a chillie eating contest, so it was very fruitful for us as we are the complement, or the anti-dote as I say, to spicy food.

We must say that we did double the amount as last year and it was good to see people tuck into the lassis and gulp them down. We did run out a couple of times and had to re-stock twice to get the lassi out. The lassis were getting out as quickly as it was being produced and we had a very good team behind us making it and selling it.

Once again, we got some rave reviews from our customers and we had many people tell us that we should:
Bottle it
Make it into an ice cream ( so watch this space as we are thinking about a few more areas!!!!) or a frozen yogurt. (am going to a factory to see how this is done!!!)

So lets watch this space and I shall give you an update accordingly.

Pictures will arrive shortly

Klassi Team

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